The W.E.L.L. 

At Life Spring, we call our Women's Ministry: The W.E.L.L. (Women Encouraging Learning Loving). Our Women's Ministry is designed to be place for every woman to feel like she belongs, a place where she can grow spiritually, connect deeply with other women and  and participate in soul-filling activities.

Bible Studies

We value the importance of being in God's Word and encourage women to be in studies that we offer through the year. We offer a variety of different studies including a Precepts study each semester, and typically a Lifeway or RIGHTnow Bible Study is also offered at the same time.


Precepts Bible Study: Revelation  Part 3
What Is the Sign of His Coming and of the End of the Age?
Wednesdays: August 25 - November 17
Cost: $27
Day Class: 10  - noon  

Night Class: 6:30  - 8:30



The Good Gospel by Jennie Allen, Jackie Hill Perry, Jamie Ivey
Mondays: September 20 - October 25

7:00 - 8:30 p.m


It is our desire to help each woman grow spiritually, to become a disciple of Christ  We believe that a great avenue to help make this happen is to meet one-on-one with another lady in an intentional relationship for the purpose of discipleship, spiritual accountability or mentoring.

If you are interested in finding out more information about being in a one-on-one relationship or being in a group, Please contact church office and you will be contacted.

We Care

We believe that we should take care of one another and those around us in our community who have needs and are hurting.  Our Meals Matter team steps in when a need is too big for a Life Group to fill or when a family is not in a Life Group. They also take care of funeral meals.  Our Community Care team is in partnership with Advice & Aid and Gateway of Hope to  reach out to the hurting women of Life Spring and in our community.


    Advice & Aid
Gateway of Hope


We love to be together and to have fun! We know you are busy, but we try to set aside time to just be together and to fill our souls up with laughter and connection through activities such as: Bunco, Taste & Talk, Coffee & Chat, quarterly events and our yearly Retreat. 

We invite you to try out one or all of our events.

BUNCO IS BACK! The next Bunco event is Saturday, November 6th at 10:00 a.m. Make plans to join in on the fun. Brunch will be served. Bunco will be played and prizes will be won.

The cost is $5, payable at the door.

Please pre-register for this event. Those who are organizing want to make sure that there is enough food and plenty of prizes to make this day spectacular!