update from the Life Spring Board of Elders



June 25, 2020


These plans are subject to revision in accordance with governmental and health directives, or as conditions change.


While we take a conservative approach to resuming services, we are mindful of those who still have concerns about being in public, and we will plan to offer an online alternative. We will attempt to record the early service and post it to our website by noon on Sunday. This is subject to the whims of modern technology, of course.


We do not view attendance at services as a mark of spirituality during this time. If you feel that you need to stay home to protect your health or the health of loved ones, we respect that decision. We pray that conditions improve so that you can resume your participation in church life at a time when you feel comfortable.


Prior to the first service, our custodial staff will undertake a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all facilities.


Following protocols set forth by health officials, we will thoroughly clean all facilities that are open to the staff and congregation.


If you are sick, have a fever or cough or other symptoms, please stay home until the symptoms are resolved.


We plan to resume in-person Worship Services on Sunday, June 28, 2020.


We will hold 2 one-hour services on Sunday morning, at 9:00 and 11:00.  We ask that guests remain in their cars until the doors are open at 8:50 and 10:50.


There will be no Sunday School or Children’s Church classes until further notice. 


We will not provide a nursery or pre-school class until further notice. 


We will utilize the east set of doors into the main building for entrance, and the west set of doors for exit.  We will create a physical barrier between the Ingress and Egress lanes.


We will utilize the north doors into the Auditorium for entrance and south doors for exit from the Auditorium.


We discourage people from gathering in the Life Center. We ask congregants to immediately make their way into the auditorium and be seated, and to exit immediately after the service has ended.


We ask that there be no physical contact of congregants, including shaking hands, hugging or greeting one another with a holy kiss.  😊


We ask congregants to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between families. This would include at least 3 empty chairs between unrelated families.


We will mark off every other row in the auditorium for the 9:00 Service. Between Services, we will mark off the rows that were used at 9:00, and seat guests every other row for the 11:00 Service.


Door greeters will be posted at the front doors to welcome guests, but they will not shake hands with guests. If possible, greeters will hold the exterior doors open for entrance into the building.


Ushers will be posted at the entrance to the doors to the auditorium to welcome guests and answer questions, but they will not have physical contact with the guests. Following the Service, ushers will be posted by the tables on which the offering baskets will be placed.


The Welcome Center will remain closed for the time being.


We will not publish a paper bulletin. We will publish Sermon Notes online, and you can print them off before you come to worship.


We will not ask guests to complete a physical Next Step but will encourage those who attend to complete the online Next Step or check-in to the service.


We will not pass an offering basket, but we will place offering baskets in the Life Center and encourage guests to place their offerings in the baskets after Services or utilize online giving.


We ask guests who wish to visit with each other to do so outside and away from the building.


We encourage guests to wear facemasks while in the building. Volunteers will wear masks while on duty.


We will provide several places where hand sanitizer is available.


The rest of the Church Campus will remain closed for church activities and private groups through at least the end of July. This means no activities in The Neos or Suite 118 at this time. The main building will be used only for Sunday morning worship services and preparation for services.


The Church Office will remain closed. Staff members are available to meet by appointment.