Elder Leadership

Life Spring is governed by a Board of Elders, with Christ as the Head of the Church. The Elders, including our Pastors, provide spiritual oversight of our church family. They also serve as the shepherds of God's flock, tending to the spiritual needs of the congregation. Each Elder is assigned a number of Church families whom they shepherd in accordance with our Shepherding Ministry Plan.

  • Paul Sterrett

    Lead Pastor

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  • Dennis Burd

    Associate Pastor

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  • Cory Beard


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  • John Chamberlain


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  • Paul Luce

    Adult Growth

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  • Ryan Meek


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  • Tim Meek

    Local Impact

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  • Dave Schnose

    Global Impact

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  • Paul Sowers


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Elder Family Shepherding Ministry

The Life Spring family is encouraged to contact our Elders in times of spiritual need. In addition to Pastor Paul or Pastor Dennis, please feel free to contact any of our Elders. The following Elder Shepherding plan is designed to assist you in deciding who to contact when assistance is needed. For example, if your last name begins with "R", you would contact Tim Meek. Just click on the name for their email.

                               Alphabetical Listing                  Contact

                                          A-B                             Paul Sowers

                                          C-F                              Ryan Meek

                                          G-H                           Dave Schnose

                                            I-L                              Cory Beard

                                          M-N                              Paul Luce            

                                          O-Sh                             Tim Meek

                                          Sl-Z                         John Chamberlain