Congregation Care Ministry

The LifeCare Team exists to express God’s love to those who are in crisis or need, and allows those who are in a period of adversity to experience God’s love through this ministry.


This is a team of volunteers working closely with the Pastoral Staff and Elders to insure that the spiritual needs of the Life Spring congregation are attended to in a timely and appropriate manner. This Team was created in recognition of the fact that the responsibility of tending to the needs of the congregation should be spread out among men and women of the congregation who are spiritually gifted in these areas of ministry and who feel called to be a part of such a ministry.

The LifeCare Ministry Team will be active in three primary areas of ministry:

Hospital Visitation—Volunteers will make hospital visits as assigned by the Director or the pastoral staff and report back concerning their visits for the benefit of the team.


Visitation of shut-ins, nursing home residents—Volunteers will make regular visits to those who are associated with Life Spring who are shut-ins or residents of nursing homes, assisted living, etc. and report back any notable information for the benefit of the team.


Grief Ministry—This is an on-going ministry to those experiencing grief due to an illness or as a result of a death. It is understood that these volunteers are not counselors, but simply available to share the love of Christ with those who are hurting.