FellowshipOne GO is the Life Spring Data Base, this means that this is YOUR data base, this is where you will find you and your family's profile, your attendance history, your giving history, your Life Group information, the church directory and there is more to come.  You can download your own picture. It will also be easy to let us know if a change needs to be made on contact information. 

GO has an app, just go to the App Store and look for it under Fellowship Go

Click here if you wish to be in the Life Spring Church Directory

Ministry One: the life spring church app

Click here to download the Ministry One Life Spring Church App

There are 6 features on our Church App:

GIVING: You can set up and take care of your online giving using our church app

ONLINE: View previous worship services from Life Spring

CONTACT: Contact the church office, the Elders or engage the prayer team

EVENTS:  While there are no events scheduled at this time, this feature will become very valuable to you in the future. It will integrate with your GO account and the calendar on your phone. 

MESSAGES: You can receive messages from the church if you have the app downloaded

you will also see PROFILE on your phone, you can make adjustments to your profile, password and payment method using this button.